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Thank you, Mom

mother's day mom and I photo

Mom and I, circa 1983


There is nothing like becoming a mother that makes you realize what your mother went through. After my daughter had her first bout of stomach flu I called my mom up and apologized for puking on her new carpet when I was little. 

I get it now. 

Sometimes she just laughs quietly with a knowing look on her face because she knows it's my turn to figure out how to get pencil mark off the walls (Magic Eraser, by the way). Sometimes if the struggle is painful and draining, she will let you cry and listen. Sometimes you just need her to listen and let you know it's ok to feel that way.

As parents, we hope that we raise our children to be happy and functioning adults who can thrive and flourish in the world. You never stop being a mother, even if and when your children are parents themselves. We will always worry a little. We will watch and hopefully we can give some advice when asked. We will laugh when our grandkids color on the walls but will give you a tip on how it can be cleaned up.

Happy Mother's Day to all the grandmas.