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    Best apps for busy parents

    best apps for parents

    I love anything and everything that can simplify my life, and my phone is no exception. Sometimes I pay it waaaayyy too much attention, but I have to give credit to all those smart innovators and programers who have created these useful apps.

    I surveyed other busy moms and included some of my own to come up with this useful list. 

    • Evernote 
      It's like the modern day Trapper Keeper for your phone. Use it to bookmark articles, write notes, and share info. 

    • Pocket
      Want to read that interesting article, but your kids keep banging on the bathroom door? Yep, been there. Store articles in Pocket to read later.

    • Wunderlist
      My personal favorite. I use this ALL THE TIME. It's basically the most robust list maker I have ever used. Create different categories and to do's for each. Use due dates, share lists. Get stuff done. 

    • MealBoard
      I use this for my grocery lists, and if I were more organized, meal planning.

    • Mint
      Use it to stay on top of your spending, make a budget, and keep track of it.

    • Playground Buddy
      Locate the nearest playground for when your little one needs to burn some energy.

    • Kids Eat Free
      Find restaurants nearby that offer free kids meals off their kid's menu.

    • MomsPumpHere
      Find a pumping or nursing location if you are on the go. Users can also rate those spaces. 


    Letting go of perfection


    You can’t have it all, and that’s ok.

    If there are two things Instagram (or frankly, any other platform) taught me it that’s one - there are a freakin ton of talented people out there, and two - I have to stop comparing myself to other moms who look like they have the most gorgeous life.

    In my ideal world I would:

    • Make an awesome dinner with my husband every night
    • Have a weekly date night with my husband
    • Make my bed every morning
    • Not work after the kids go to bed or on the weekend.
    • Stick to a regular beauty routine.
    • Get so so sooo much more sleep. All the sleep.
    • Have many hours in the day to get all the ideas in my head out onto paper.

    The reality is that I can’t do all this. At least not working full time, raising two very young kids, and running a growing business. In reality, it’s more like this:

    • My husband makes dinner, usually while watching two kids. Spaghetti is on the menu weekly.
    • Sadly, we don’t get out much, though we spend many evenings “vegging” out together and talking about our day. We snuggle on the couch, he plays with my hair, and I’m the most relaxed I have been all day.
    • So not made. Pretty much ever.
    • Depending on how busy I am, I can sometimes have a free weekend. Changing the structure of my business last year made a huge difference with this and that was my biggest accomplishment of 2016.
    • I find those cleansing face wipes are great for when you are too damn tired by 10:30 p.m. to really care. Bonus points for putting on my face cream.
    • Did I mention I have a 6 month old?
    • I at least write these ideas down so I can come back to them.

    So while am I telling you all this? Because my point is that I have to pick and choose my battles. I can let go of having a made bed every day, because why create more stress over it? The bigger goals - more time with family, more time to create - are really what drives me. Those are what I work at each day, even if it’s just a tiny bit.

    I'm willing to bet some of those moms on Instagram don't make their beds every morning and eat a lot of pasta too.

    Roundup / Woodland Baby

    It's safe to say that as a Minnesotan, I'm a fan of all things woodland / northwoods / plaid. There are so many cute options out there for kiddos, a few of which I pulled together here.


    woodland baby


    Top Row

    Baby Bear Bodysuit - Sweetpea and Co.  /  Yosemite Muslin Swaddle - Saranoni  /  Max Raccoon  -  Hazel Village

    Middle Row

    Woodland Friends Nesting Dolls - Nordic Trading Co.  / Mushroom Rattle - Fawn and Forest

    Bottom Row

    Bear Pants - Tiny Cupid  /  Riley Bootie - Minnetonka Moccasins  / Deer Print - The Animal Print Shop





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