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Best apps for busy parents

best apps for parents

I love anything and everything that can simplify my life, and my phone is no exception. Sometimes I pay it waaaayyy too much attention, but I have to give credit to all those smart innovators and programers who have created these useful apps.

I surveyed other busy moms and included some of my own to come up with this useful list. 

  • Evernote 
    It's like the modern day Trapper Keeper for your phone. Use it to bookmark articles, write notes, and share info. 

  • Pocket
    Want to read that interesting article, but your kids keep banging on the bathroom door? Yep, been there. Store articles in Pocket to read later.

  • Wunderlist
    My personal favorite. I use this ALL THE TIME. It's basically the most robust list maker I have ever used. Create different categories and to do's for each. Use due dates, share lists. Get stuff done. 

  • MealBoard
    I use this for my grocery lists, and if I were more organized, meal planning.

  • Mint
    Use it to stay on top of your spending, make a budget, and keep track of it.

  • Playground Buddy
    Locate the nearest playground for when your little one needs to burn some energy.

  • Kids Eat Free
    Find restaurants nearby that offer free kids meals off their kid's menu.

  • MomsPumpHere
    Find a pumping or nursing location if you are on the go. Users can also rate those spaces.